FUN FACTS FRIDAY: To Tweet or Not to Tweet, Best Social Business Practices

Fun Facts (1) impact Virtual Services knows using Snapchat is fun and popular so, we’re taking a look at the social phenomenon in this “Fun Facts Friday” post!

According to, daily use of the app is slightly edging out Twitter for the first time in social media history (as short or ever-changing as that is).  Ready for this?  Snapchat’s daily use tops off around 150 million snaps, compared with Twitter's 140 million daily tweets.

Thinking you should shift your business social media strategy to Snapchat?  Not so fast.  Twitter is still more attractive to advertisers because users are more engaged with content, with one-third of brands marketing on the platform at least once a month, compared to 4% on Snapchat.  That's also according to Business Insider.

We already knew this within impact Virtual Services’ Social Media Services division, but enjoy sharing with you for “Fun Facts Friday!”

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