4 Things Your Association Administrator Wants You to Know


  1. On-boarding takes time. Be prepared for this initial investment after hiring an Association Management Company. We’re often taking over after someone has left and most likely has taken all of the processes and procedures with them. It takes time to address pending items, high priorities, the correct contact information for each task, log in credentials and timelines. But don’t worry. We’ve done this before and we are extremely efficient. Once we have all the information we need, we’ll create our own processes, procedures and task calendars so that your Leadership will always have access to this information, even if our partnership ends.  

  2. We’ll do it your way, at first... We understand that many things are done the way they are because they work. And perhaps you’ve tried other ways and they didn’t work! Our immediate priority is to pick up the pieces and get your Organization back to running smoothly. After that point, we see it as our obligation to bring up ideas to increase efficiency, suggestions for different platforms or ways to reduce redundancy. These are only suggestions, but we have found Leadership to really value this contribution, as we are the Administrators who have our hands in everything, from event planning to Board meetings to financials.  

  3. Please delegate items to us! We know it’s hard at first and you’ve been doing it yourself for so long and sometimes that’s just easiest. But we’d argue that your Leadership approved hiring an AMC so that we can take these operational items off your plate. There are big picture, strategic and often critical strategies that need to be developed and moved forward to ensure the longevity of your Organization. Do that! Do the things your Board never had time to do before. Give us the e-newsletters, the financials and the member communication piece--we can handle it! 

  4. Trust us. Yes, we are an AMC that you hired. But our email signature has your Association name, we answer the phone as your Association name, and we consider ourselves as part of your Association. When we make suggestions or want to take on more responsibility, it is always with the best intentions for the Organization.