Fairy Tales and Storytelling

Whenever people ask what I do (this is Marivic, btw) and I tell them I'm in Marketing, half the time their eyes glaze over right quick. It's not that people don't like Marketing, it's more that people oftentimes don't understand Marketing. However, when I explain the bit about storytelling, they come back to life. Because at its heart, what we do is tell stories. Stories of what we do, the people behind the scenes, the inspiration and motivation, all of it. 

Somewhere along the line, someone in Marketing thought up "Tell A Fairy Tale" Day, which is today. It is a day set aside to celebrate, tell, read and listen to fairy tales from around the world. According to timeanddate.com, here are a few ideas on how to celebrate:

  • Set your imagination free on this very fantastical holiday and re-read all your favorite fairy tales.
  • If you have children in your lives, why not introduce them to some of the world's most famous fairy tales?
  • Bring out your inner writer and pen down a fairy tale. Who knows, you could be the next Hans Christian Andersen!
  • Watch movies based on fairy tales.
  • Host a fairy tale party. Instruct your guests to come as their favorite fairy tale character, decorate the venue as if you were in an enchanted land of fairy tales and serve foods from all your favorite fairy tale stories. Some ideas include caramel apples (Snow White), pea salad (The Princess and the Pea), pumpkin soup (Cinderella) and porridge or rice pudding (Goldilocks and the Three Bears).

Do you have any other ideas? We'd love to hear them!

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