Do Your Employees Give Their All?

If you find yourself wondering if it’s impossible to make everyone happy, you may be surprised! Experts actually say that the answer is yes, you can make all of your employees happy! Really???? As I had even questioned this, it sparked my curiosity on how a business owner could better the attitude of not only their employees, but ultimately, the end-all success or improvement of their business. Sure, easy solutions may be bonuses, gift cards, raises, etc., but in a very difficult economy, these things are not always the easiest to do.

We all have our favorite employees that we depend on. It seems these members are loyal, dedicated, and no matter what, always step up to the plate. On the other hand, there seem to be those employees that no matter what, they’re just dissatisfied. When you think about why this might be, you may realize that there are some outside factors which cause this poor attitude. Is it possible if you start treating disgruntled employees like everyone else (fairly!), their attitude could change? If so, how can this be accomplished?

Six of the best ways to uplift workplace attitude:

  • Encourage employees! When doesn’t someone want to be told they are doing good work and can do even better? We all want praise. It’s what keeps us positive and upbeat and working towards goals. Managers should expect the best, not the worst, and with this they need to inspire their employees and set the best examples.
  • Trust seems to be the key to any successful relationship! Why wouldn’t it be the same for a boss/employee relationship? Managers should seek out the problems of their employees. If you recognize what is bothering someone, you may better understand how to work with them. It might be as simple as a schedule adjustment that makes all of the difference. As Managers become more uniform in how they are treating their employees, a trusting relationship has the potential to grow into consistent work behavior.
  • Development of your employees is a key factor in positive employee attitude. We all want to be challenged, learn new skills, and grow as individuals. As a Manager, if you take an interest in your employee’s interests, they may have the inspiration to not just learn a new skill, but to develop a life-long career.
  • Communication is the key to success. Great communicators share ideas, they don’t leave individuals out of the loop. They are also great listeners and can provide articulate questions. When employees feel they know what is going on, whether it be a new benefit coming their way, an invite to a holiday party, or just a change in the upcoming work schedule, this can build confidence in their attitude and make them feel comforted in knowing they are not just the work force, but a part of a team.
  • Honesty is also so very important. If someone is not up to speed with a task, be upfront with them. More importantly, Managers should be tactful in how they address these issues. Maybe confront the employee with “you’re doing great, but I did notice you are missing this step.” It is quite possible that they don’t even realize they are doing something wrong and will be appreciative you told them the correct way to finish a process. As well, send praise their way if they do something that is considered an over-achievement. It never hurts to get a “that-a-boy or girl.”
  • Lastly, connect with your employees, ALL of your employees. As we all have our favorites that we take to lunch, or talk with socially, spread the love. Talk with all of your employees and try not to show favoritism. Set goals to find out little things about each and every one on your staff. Not only will the employee appreciate you taking the time to get to know them, but you will see a difference in the success of their role.

When you start to think about these things, a third of our lifetime is spent in the workplace. We can either make it a positive adventure or we can focus on the negative. My advice to you is to start looking at how you treat your employees. Do you have a favorite? Is there someone you could talk with a little more? Is there something going on outside of work that is affecting someone? By focusing on these small steps, it just may be the huge turn around to making a difference in the attitude of your workplace.