Is Your Association Prepared for a Crisis?  

Every Organization is somewhat vulnerable to crises. And while we can’t always control the unexpected we CAN take a proactive approach to become more prepared. We’ve worked with enough small to mid-sized Associations over the years to know what situations our clients should be aware of.  

Crises that can impact your Association:  

-Abrupt loss/departure of a key Board Member 

-Confidential Information Breach 

-Natural Disaster 

-Crises affecting Suppliers 

-Crises Affecting Members 

-Major shift in industry  

Let our team at Impact help you navigate by creating a PR crisis plan. We will work to determine risks, complete the research and document the plan. By working together to create this initial documentation, your Organization will have the information you need to keep these processes and procedures updated. Whether you work with Impact or manage the project on your own, we highly recommend it go on your priority list. Protect your Board, volunteers, members and reputation by making the investment.