Quick Tips for a Successful Conference Call


Not familiar with the hosting platform? Do a quick trial run the day before. Watch a tutorial or host a fake meeting to get the kinks out. Bonus points if you can get a friend or coworker to join the meeting as well.  


Test out your audio and camera.  Ear buds work great for quality sound. Ideally your camera is directly on your monitor. This allows you to view your screen without looking like you are staring off in the distance. You want to look as engaged as possible! Take note of your surroundings. Make sure a window behind you isn’t causing a glare. Remove clutter that is visible on screen. Consider swapping out your swivel chair for one that doesn’t move. It’s easy to start nervous movements without realizing it which can be distracting for other participants. 

The Agenda 

Get in touch with Attendees at least a week before the call. Tell them where the Agenda will be stored (google docs, Dropbox, etc.) or attach it in the email. Ask them to contact you with any additions. Give a deadline. Share the updated version the morning of or afternoon before the call along with call in instructions.  

Designate a Leader 

Determine who will be leading the call. If that’s you, great! It is now your job to keep things on track. Start by joining the call early. For each caller who joins, announce who else is on the call. Once everyone is present, begin by introducing yourself as the one leading the meeting. Follow the agenda closely. If conversations get off track, make a note to continue the disucssio at another time.  

Other quick tips: 

1-Record the meeting. Offer to send the link to the recording to anyone who wants it afterwards.

2-Send out a follow-up email regarding action items and necessary sub meetings that need to be scheduled.

3-Leave time at the end for questions but be mindful of everyone’s time. Be poignant with your statements and if the call gets done early—bonus!