Associations: How To Appeal To Millennials


Associations are like any business or organization in that growth is necessary for success. As costs inevitably increase, budget growth is required. An increase in memberships creates that budget. New and engaged members grow and expand the goals and accomplishments of the Association. The organizations that evolve with the changing needs of members (and potential members) will experience fewer growing pains. Consider incorporating these three aspects into your membership plan to appeal to Millennials!


Market Your Individuality Millennials have endless options, really. Professional groups, volunteering, professional development classes, etc. What sets your Association apart? What will new members gain when they chose to invest in your group? Showcase the identity of your Association when marketing to new members. Are you focused on skill development? Mentor-ship? Is your group casual and social or perfect for those who have little time to commit? Show them what community they will be joining.

Create Community Because Millennials are joiners. They understand the power of a group. They want to learn from others as well as showcase their own skills. They want to give back to their community. They are social! Create events that are actually fun. Find out what your organization wants to do. Think casual happy hour events, group volunteer opportunities, and creative projects. Encourage communication and always ask new members what they are hoping to get out of their membership. Note trends such as mentor-ship, professional references or job opportunities.

Increase Your Digital Presence What’s the first thing a Millennial will do if they want to learn more about your Association? They will look your group up online. Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog. These platforms showcase your involvement and are a way for you to curate the things your Association is passionate about. A blog article from 2012 or a non-existent LinkedIn page leaves much to be desired from someone who values these tools. Still transitioning into the digital world? Prioritize this goal and engage millennials to lead the way![/fusion_text]