Yes! We Still Support Small Businesses

YES! We still support small businesses. It’s how Impact got started and we still love working with motivated, (often, over-worked), talented Entrepreneurs. Sometimes it can be hard for business owners to identify what exactly to delegate when working with one of our Administrative Assistants. After all, they’re used to doing everything themselves! Below are some tasks we often handle for clients:

Do you have a general business email address collecting inquiries? We can manage this email address for you by answering frequently asked questions, forwarding emails to the appropriate recipient and getting rid of the junk.

Do you send out an e-newsletter or have you always wanted to? We are pros at creating e-blasts, mailers, blogs and newsletters to keep in touch with clients and customers.

Who is running your Social Media platforms? We offer consistent, quality content to engage your community through online marketing.

Is your Client database getting out of control? Are you the only one who understands how it’s organized? Time to get things under control! We love organizing files and databases by creating a system that is efficient and makes sense.

We all have projects we’ve been meaning to look into but the time just isn’t there! Let us research your competitors, put together lists of conferences and costs, or research how much it costs to invest in a commercial. The possibilities are endless here.

Allow us to create your Agendas, take minutes and send out follow up tasks. Have a larger event you’re travelling to? Leave it to us to secure travel details. Are you hosting the event? Even better, we are pro Event Planners.