5 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant!

The attempt to be a one-person-band when building a business is daunting to say the least.  Exhausting.  Frustrating.  Overwhelming.  We could go on, but you are likely nodding yes, Yes, YES if you are a new or growing business owner or non-profit association with BIG lists and little time.

This, is where the growing trend of hiring a “Virtual Assistant” or as Founder and CEO of IMPACT Virtual Services Jodi Fisher calls them, “Virtual Executive Administrators.”  Fancy right?  They really are!  Fisher says, “VAs, or VEAs are truly advantageous to have in your corner.”  These are individuals with skills and training which allow them to take on your workload and hit the keyboard typing or the phone… calling… or whatever task you need to hand off!

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant:

1.You Are Overwhelmed Handling Administrative Tasks

If you find yourself devoting most of your precious time on tedious admin tasks, rather than focusing on the bigger picture, it’s time to bring in a Virtual Assistant.  Boom!  Yes, it is that simple.

2.Save Money

Time is money and…. Money is money.  When you are paying a full-time employee salary + benefits, you are SPENDING money from your business or association coffures.  When you hire a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Executive Administrator, you do not pay taxes, rent for additional office space, nor any of the overhead associated with a larger on-site staff.  You SAVE money!

3.Only Pay for the Time Spent on Your Business Tasks

If you do not need a full-time employee nor can afford one, rather than hiring a temporary employee from a staffing company, it is better to go for an on demand Virtual assistant who you grow to trust the handling of tasks crucial to your business or association

4.You are Not a Jack of All Trades

Each item on that business-building “to-do” list  requires a specific set of skills in order to be completed well. YOU cannot do everything. However, a Virtual Assistant is backed by a team of experts who can… literally… do… anything!  Tasks such as social media marketing, SEO, website management, etc. are perfect time-consuming tasks for delegation to a virtual assistant with a specialized skill set.

5.It’s Cool.

It is indisputably cool to have an on-demand virtual assistant or Virtual Executive Administrator in your corner.  You can smile, rather than grimace as your business or association booms and you have that expert in your corner to just handle it.

IMPACT Virtual Services exclusively hires its Virtual Assistants/Virtual Executive Administrators from within the U.S.  Its global headquarters are located in Madison, Wisconsin.  CONTACT SALES TEAM to hire your new VEA!